• Program Description

    Jara Hath Tum Badhana is the Helping Hand (Jara Hath Tum Badhana) for underprivileged community. While part of our nation lives in the late 20th century, another part is still living in the medieval ages. No nation can progress much beyond the "national average". When these differences are too wide, they create not only social tensions but slow tensions slow down progress and make it expensive, as we are finding. In Ratnagiri district, Adivasi and Dhangar communities are inhabitants of Sahyadri Ranges. These communities are still deprived of access to clean water, shelter, education, health care and gainful employment. Beyond all these it is necessary to mainstream them in social, political and economic development. From last 11 years, Dishantar has been providing them warm support through health camps, distribution of educational material, seeds and other necessities. This helping hand is not just to support them but to make them aware about their inner strength and their rights as citizens.

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